Who manages Sun Peak Master HOA?

As per the By-Laws the Board shall be composed of at least three (3) but no more than seven (7) individuals meeting the qualifications stated in the Declaration. See annual meeting minutes for current board members or see below “Who are the members of the Sun Peak Master HOA Board – 2nd FAQ”

The management company overseeing day to day operations under the directive of the board is: Elevated Property Management

Who are the members of the Sun Peak Master HOA board?
  • Van Novack
  • Abby Goldsmith
  • Meta Haley
  • Cole Capener
  • Joop Grevelink
  • Rob Heck
  • June Volk

If you would like a personal contact from a board member, please contact the association manager at sunpeakpc@gmail.com

Who manages the association for the Cove at Sun Peak?

The Cove at Sun Peak is managed by Natalie Souza of Blooming Management. Natalie’s contact information is: natalie@bloomingpc.com, 435-649-6583. The website for the Blooming Management company is https://www.bloomingpc.com. Please contact Natalie for information specific to The Cove at Sun Peak.

Reinvestment Fee on Sale or Transfer
  • Each time legal title to a Lot transfers from one Owner to another Owner, the new Owner of such Lot or Condominium Unit shall pay to the Association a Reinvestment Fee in an amount set by the Board as follows:
  • The Reinvestment Fee shall be less or equal to the maximum percentage of the sale price of the Lot orCondominium Unit as allowed for under Utah Law, in addition to any other required amounts. The Reinvestment Fee may be set by the Board, by adoption of a Rule. Unless and until the Board sets a different Reinvestment Fee it shall be one half of one percent (0.5%) of the sale price. The Reinvestment Fee shall be due within thirty (30)days after the effective date of the deed or similar instrument transferring title. The Reinvestment Fee shall constitute an Assessment against the Lot or Condominium Unit.
  • The Reinvestment Fee may be used by the Association to pay costs directly related to the transfer of the burdened property as well as: (a) common planning, facilities, and infrastructure; (b) obligations arising from an environmental covenant; (c) community programming; (d) resort facilities; (e) open space; (f) recreationamenities; (g) charitable purposes; or (h) Association expenses.
  • The Reinvestment Fee is not due and may not be enforced against: (a) an involuntary transfer; (b) atransfer that results from court order; (c) a bona fide transfer to a family member of the seller within three degrees of consanguinity who, before the transfer, provides adequate proof of consanguinity; (d) a transfer or change ofinterest due to death, whether provided in a will, trust, or decree of distribution, or similar court order; (e) atransfer between an entity and a principal of the entity created or structured for estate or tax planning purposes; and(f) the transfer of burdened property by a financial institution, except to the extent that the reinvestment fee covenant requires the payment of a common interest association’s costs directly related to the transfer of the burdened property, not to exceed $250.

The Association shall have the authority to record any notice required by law to effectuate this provision.

What is the policy regarding nightly rentals?

Sun Peak Master HOA does NOT permit nightly rentals. Please see the Sun Peak CCR’s & Bylaws at sunpeak.org/documents

What does the Sun Peak Master HOA Annual Assessment cover and when is it due?
  • The Sun Peak Master HOA Annual Assessment covers expenses related to the Clubhouse, Tennis Courts, Pool, Playground, Entry Sign, Open Spaces, and Trails, Governing Documents, etc..
  • The Sun Peak Master HOA invoices annually on, or about January 1. Fees are due by January 31 annually. The annual dues are posted on the website sunpeak.org by November 30 of each year
  • Sun Peak Master HOA fees are late if not paid by February 15th annually, a $50 late fee, and Interest of 1.5% per month accrues as of February 15 if fees are not paid. Access to the amenities, and a lien may be placed on a residence if fees are not paid. 
Is the clubhouse available to rent?

Sun Peak Clubhouse is available to rent by owners for special events, please reference the website for availability and the rental application. Email the Sun Peak Master HOA at sunpeakpc@gmail.com if you have any questions, or would like to confirm availability.

When is the Sun Peak Master HOA annual meeting?

The Sun Peak Master HOA annual meeting is typically held in the fall, check the website for updates.

When is the pool open?

The pool typically opens Memorial weekend, and closes in mid-September depending on weather.

Sun Peak Court Remodel

It is the intent of the community to update the common area facilities. Please see the proposed plan to remodel the courts on the following document. If you have any feedback on the design please send it to the manager at sunpeakpc@gmail.com

Is the Sun Peak Master HOA insured?

The Sun Peak Master HOA carries insurance for the common areas, (clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and open space) and also Directors and Officers Insurance. Homeowners are required to insure their own property.

The Sun Peak Master HOA insurance is carried through Coleman Insurance, Inc., 801-466-1554, ccoleman@farmersagent.com.

For information regarding insurance for the Cove at Sun Peak, please contact the Cove at Sun Peak HOA’s manager, PMA for insurance certificates.

Is the Sun Peak Master HOA association involved in any litigation

No, the Sun Peak Master HOA is not involved in any litigation.

What is the procedure to obtain a key for a mailbox?

To receive a key to a mailbox and set up service please contact the US Postmaster 2100 Park Avenue, Park City, UT 84098. All mail service is handled by US POSTMASTER the Sun Peak Master HOA does not handle any US Mail.

How does the Sun Peak Master HOA communicate with home owners
  • Sun Peak Master HOA communications, and invoices are emailed. Please contact the Sun Peak Master HOA with your preferred contact information.
  • Periodically newsletters are sent with updates on community issues. Please check the announcement page on the website sunpeak.org for regular updates.
What are owner responsibilities?

Owners are responsible for all their own insurance, utilities, maintenance of the property and home as per the CC&R’s.

Sun Peak Firewise and Community Wildfire Preparedness Plan